Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Was Degenerate Art? (Hint ~ all the really good stuff)

I've made a huge amount of art shows at this point. I've gotten tired of putting after just about every twentieth century European artist the following: "X was deemed a degenerate artist by the Nazis and fled Europe to immigrate to America." For those of you currently debating immigration, let me assure you that we made out like bandits during WWII on that score. We got all of the great talent from Europe here. In art, they promptly started teaching at the Artists League in New York, Harvard, Yale and other such bastions of learning. Thus, they taught a whole generation of up and coming American artists.

But what has really bugged me is what in the heck constituted "degenerate art" and what art they use to replace it. The degenerate art is magnificent stuff and the replacement art is probably the worst art I've ever seen throughout art history. And I've got a lot of it right here for you to see. Today is Part I and tomorrow is Part II.