Friday, May 13, 2016

More Vietnamese Art

Another Personal Entry from Carol Irvin

Rebecca and I went for a nice vegan lunch today at the Mustard Seed Montrose. We drove through the National Park to get there, which was lovely. The restaurant does serve everything but it specializes in vegan cuisine. I've always believed that you should order whatever the chef specializes in and not something just thrown onto the menu as an appeasement. It has a fascinating menu, which you can peruse here. Rebecca had the beet and black bean burger. I had the patty for it added to my pistachio, pomegranate and berry salad. I was so impressed that I came home and searched for such a burger for Jim to make. I think I found a very good possibility here.
Felix is still cooking and he is doing very well. He is especially good at off the cuff meals. I get quite a few of those and I am all for them. For example, yesterday's is probably going to sound horrible but it was great. I would have never thought of putting these three things together on a plate. I had a small amount of steak (cut up), one over easy sunny side up egg and a small baked potato with low fat sour cream. It was just great. I got a stir fry tonight that had all my favorites in it.

My leg and knee continue to heal. It is 14 months now. My foot is about 85% back to normal. The tissue of my knee is still healing but every day some new part of the flesh there suddenly goes flat (which is good). I still swim and still use the whirlpool. I am walking fairly well but still carry my walking stick for safety. I really wonder if I will ever wholly recover. I do have my doubts. But I'm recovered enough for someone who doesn't have to show up at a work place. I can do the above rotation picture in the pool but I am not expecting to ever be that back together on land. 

On the reading front, I did read the new adaptation of "Pride & Prejudice." A group of authors agreed to write contemporary versions of all of the Austen novels. I'd already read Alexander McCall Smith's "Emma" which was quite good. Now I just finished Curtis Sittenfeld's P&P. It was a hoot. These people have been updated in every sense as in this version Lizzie has made an utter fool of herself over Jasper Wick (Wickham). Jane is trying to get pregnant with IVF since she's broken up with every long term boyfriend. All the girls are super educated but only Lizzie has a good job. Jane works as a yoga instructor. The other three don't work at all. Lady Catherine is a leading feminist. Darcy is a neurosurgeon (what else?). Jane is almost 40, Lizzie is close behind her and Bingley was a reality show contestant who sobbed uncontrollably on air when he couldn't pick a bachelorette because none were his soul mate. Lydia nicknames him a wuss and a crybaby. 

I just completed an art history show on Asian American art. Here are some of the slides.
 We are going up to the Geneva Lodge on Lake Erie for two nights tomorrow. I will finish this up when I have something to report from there.

My best viewing experience is currently "Blue Eyes," a fictional treatment about the problems which arose from an open border policy and unrestricted immigration in Sweden. This causes rising nationalism among the young who increasingly view those streaming in as the ones who are collapsing their formerly stable country. The show is fascinating. The above woman works for the government. The below woman joins the terror-inclined nationalists after her mother is murdered. Swedish with English subtitles. Not yet in wide release.

We just returned from the lodge at Geneva. I came home with new health ailments and ended up having to write them up for my internist. My Body, My Enemy is my new catch all slogan, I fear. But the lodge and the lake are still great and it was nice just to rest by it. Since I'm under the weather but want to get this out, I think I will close by posting some more pictures. These are from research I did on Vietnamese art. I may follow this up in a few days by posting more of the slides as these works are gorgeous.