Friday, June 10, 2016

Film Noir Recommendationss & a Personal Note from Carol

I was watching a French Noir tv series last night. It was so evident and so ridiculous who the bad guy was that I was groaning way before the end. Thankfully, I was using my new watercolor-ink pencils in a project while watching. Otherwise, it would have been a complete waste of time. If I seem overly picky, it may be because I spent many nights in art houses watching film noir. When you've seen the masterworks of the genre, you tend to measure recent efforts by those past efforts. The past efforts hold up amazingly well.

So, I post today my Film Noir recommendations. I have a lot so I will need to post more than one day. So stay tuned as I get these up for your perusal.

Meanwhile, I am swimming in the outdoor pool. Yesterday was sunny and 68 degrees. With a heated pool, those are my ideal swimming conditions. I do not do well in heat so cool summers and cool swims are my preference.

Not so wonderful is that we now have the 17 year locusts. I don't mind the noise they make but I do mind running into these huge bugs. They last 4-6 weeks so they should be gone soon.

The GOP Convention is coming here next month. I have not kept up on what's expected but am hoping we do NOT get a repeat of Chicago's 1968 riot. 

Felix is fine. He's discovered Heinen's Supermarket in a big way. He used it a little bit before. Now he's there quite a bit. We are also getting a Costco later this month, just a few minutes away from us. I used to love being near one in our former location. This location was far away from any Costco until now.

Without any further ado, here are the films, listed by date in ascending order. We start off with Rebecca, which was the first image posted at the start of this entry.

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