Friday, May 13, 2016

More Vietnamese Art


  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful paintings, Carol.
    A fine entry for your blog.

    1. It is always fascinating to me that art so rarely comes from a happy place. This enormous outpouring of first rate Vietnamese art is directly related to colonial rule and war. The first significant influence was with the French when they colonized it. They managed to impart a great deal of their art talent while there with the Vietnamese diving right into Impressionism and everything that followed. Then we came with the Vietnamese War and that ultimately had a big art effect too even though we did not attempt colonial rule. I did another on Japanese art and Japanese art would be entirely different if WWII had never happened. I also did one on German Expressionism and it didn't help you if you were Aryan as possible in Germany if you also were an artist. You had to be doing the most awful work imaginable for the Nazis to approve it. Every artist of any talent had to flee to America for being a degenerate. And, of course, those German Expressionist artists came here and taught our artists in New York. It is just endless the effect that war and upheaval has on the development of art. I expected it to be there but I didn't expect it to be as all encompassing as it is.