Monday, February 8, 2016

More Scenes from 19th Century Life

Part I of these scenes is located here


  1. Carol, I went to a memorial for a dear friend in a old cemetery in Walterboro, SC several weeks ago. Her husband's sisters family had a picnic on the cemetery grounds between the tombstones. Said it was an old Victorian custom.
    I am reminded of the incident by Chase's OPEN AIR BREAKFAST...

    1. Actually, that sounds pretty good and especially if the cemetery has some character to it. Really great grave stones, trees and such make it very hospitable. Most of those older customs had economy aspects to them too. This picnic would just entail the cost of the food from the markets. When the coffin rested in the parlor, you did not have to pay a funeral home for a wake. By outsourcing our grief, we made funerals very expensive.