Monday, August 31, 2015

Carol Rips Off the Old Masters!

When I get stuck creatively, the easiest way to break it is to just play around in image editing software with great works of art. I combine them using layers in variations and suddenly have something new derived from a great work of art by an old master. You can even do this while you watch tv. It is fun and easy. I used Pixelmator for these images. I used to use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and/or GIMP. Apple sold me Pixelmator for $29 with free updates and I have been very satisfied with just using it for the last year or so. Any of these programs do layer blending in just about identical ways. Friday's entry will show you the mechanics of how it works on any program plus links to tutorials for these programs.  So today look at the ones I did for this entry and then check back on Friday to get some specifics about how you can do the same. iPads have programs which now do this blending too. I did these on my Mac Air laptop because it is still easier to do these on a laptop or desktop than on a device. But the devices are steadily getting better at doing layer blending so I will also direct you to those apps on Friday.


On Friday's entry, how-to:
If you want to see how I blend layers, go to my How-To on Ripping Off the Old Masters HERE