Friday, July 31, 2015

Pre-Raphaelite, Most Beautiful Women (Once) Alive

Most of you enjoyed Rossetti's art work. This time I have put together assemblages of all of the Pre-Raphaelites' work. Underneath each is the name of the artist and then at the end is a group image of the artists with their house and school. This work is very popular present day even though this movement dates back to 1848, its founding. You've seen it on T-shirts, tote bags, key rings, book covers, posters and so forth. Exhibitions of this work are popular as well.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

John William Waterhouse

John Everett Millais

Edward Burne-Jones

Frank Cadogan Cowper

Arthur Hughes

William Holman Hunt

Frederick Sandys

James Collinson

The Artists
Top, left to right: Rossetti, Millais, Bourne-Jones, Cowper
Bottom, left to right: Hughes, Collinson, Hunt, Waterhouse, Sandys

This was  Millais's parents' house on Gower Street, in London in 1848, where the art students founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art movement. They were art students at the school to the below left. Today they would be going to the building on the right.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pasting My Paintings into a Solid Black Shape aka "Paste Into"

The inside of each entity is one of my digital paintings or digital photograph. I paste that painting into a solid black shape, usually a silhouette of a person or object.

I showed you this trick once before and you can refresh your memory by going here:
The key images and steps in that process are:

Below is a solid black image of a turtle if anyone wishes to try this. If you get stuck, just email me and I'll talk you through the rest of the way. GIMP is free image editing software if you don't want to buy anything. It is what I used for this demo. Unfortunately, Pixelmator does not yet do this "paste into" trick.
download GIMP

Also, I found some tutorials for copy and paste into
Gimp and Photoshop both do this technique in exactly the same way. 
tutorial at photoshop essentials
tutorial at essential-photoshop-elements

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Necklace Making Mania ~ Another Art Obsession

These are necklaces I made but they can also be used as sculptural pieces. I have several of them placed around the house as such. They don't even need to be hung. They can just be set down on a table and left on display there. This art period I went through was characterized by a fascination with items I could readily use as pieces from around the world. Most of the pieces I bought off eBay or Etsy internationally. I especially loved pearls which are now farmed in Asia. If the pearls are a color other than white, they are dyed after being harvested. I also used glass and pottery pieces, with raku and porcelain being my favorites. Half of the process of creating these pieces was discovering these pieces around the world. The ceramics and the glass I could find in America. Most of the minerals and gemstones had to be found abroad because the international market is stronger for those. I also expanded my color palette by using lots of orange. Orange was a color I had previously avoided and now has become one of my favorite colors. These were all constructed using memory wire. I took all of the photos with my iPad Mini in natural light.  

Monday, July 20, 2015