Monday, October 12, 2015

Odelon Redon & Gustave Klimt ~ Too Erotic Back Then... Really?





  1. Which of these decadent artists is your favorite, Carol?
    I've done a bit of research about the Adele Bauer-Block I by Klimt to review THE WOMAN IN GOLD with Helen Mirren. What a wonderful posting of yours. I'm so glad I rescued it from by junk mail folder.
    I think my Outlook is playing at censorship. I've had only one of your postings before landing there.

    How are you? Are you having any fun?

    1. I've improved a lot. I am getting around a lot better. This total knee replacement surgery though certainly gave my cancer surgery and chemo a run for the money. I'd have to say that this knee-foot disaster disabled me a lot more than any other medical situation I've ever had. I never had a surgery complication before though and I hope I never have one again.

      Any artist I put up is one I really like. I shift constantly on which of them appeals to me the most. It is all dependent on where my mind happens to be then. I have spent more time looking at Redon's paintings than Klimt's so I might give him the edge. Although from a textile perspective, Klimt is great with those gowns.

      As a techie I abandoned Outlook many, many years ago. I hated it. The best, safest email I ever found is gmail and it is free. I have been with it since the first day it appeared.

  2. Take care and have happy holidays.
    I need a techie next door...Your skills amaze me!.