Friday, October 2, 2015

Henri Rousseau ~ Retired, Ridiculed... Revered

There was no more ridiculed art figure in his time than Henri Rousseau. Upon retirement as a civil servant, he became an artist. He used what was freely available in his city as his subject matters, i.e. from zoos, botanical gardens and parks. As modern art emerged, Rousseau was discovered. Long term he became an enduring hit in the art world. Not that he cared. This is what he wanted to do when he retired and he did it until he died. If ever a older person needed a person as inspiration, he is that person. Note that he may have seemed young to retire at age 49 but it was in the 19th century. People did not live very long then so he would have been considered as old as we are now based on their life expectancies back then.


  1. Thank you for posting this! He is my all-time favorite artist, and I hadn't seen many of the paintings you posted--so inspirational and deeply moving. Made my day!

  2. I especially love his "jungle" paintings ;)

  3. Carol, thank you for introducing so very well this artist to me.
    The paintings are remarkable.

    I am saving this Rosseau blog in my drafts along with your Rosetti one for future viewing.