Friday, July 24, 2015

My Necklace Making Mania ~ Another Art Obsession

These are necklaces I made but they can also be used as sculptural pieces. I have several of them placed around the house as such. They don't even need to be hung. They can just be set down on a table and left on display there. This art period I went through was characterized by a fascination with items I could readily use as pieces from around the world. Most of the pieces I bought off eBay or Etsy internationally. I especially loved pearls which are now farmed in Asia. If the pearls are a color other than white, they are dyed after being harvested. I also used glass and pottery pieces, with raku and porcelain being my favorites. Half of the process of creating these pieces was discovering these pieces around the world. The ceramics and the glass I could find in America. Most of the minerals and gemstones had to be found abroad because the international market is stronger for those. I also expanded my color palette by using lots of orange. Orange was a color I had previously avoided and now has become one of my favorite colors. These were all constructed using memory wire. I took all of the photos with my iPad Mini in natural light.  

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  1. I love these as sculptures! and the natural lighting really makes them come alive, and intensely fascinating. Beautiful!