Friday, June 5, 2015

Taking Pictures of Flowers with Your Phone or iPad (only 3 rules)

I took these pictures at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I know nothing about flowers. The only rules I have: 1) get right on top of them; 2) use natural light and not a flash; 3) a cloudy or grey day is easier for shooting these pictures than a full sunny day. I used the camera on my iPad Mini.

All photos by Carol.

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  1. Gorgeous, Carol! And I can attest to the truth of your 3 rules--ever since I started following them, which you gave me a while back, my photographs went from blah to spectacular! At first it felt strange to get so close to the flowers, but once I saw the results, I got over it quickly. Thanks again for such useful and creative tips that make using these devices--and our lives--more enjoyable!