Monday, June 1, 2015

Reincarnating the Old Masters (What They Would Do With a Computer)

If the Old Masters came back to us today, I think they would want to experiment with their former style of painting. I also think they would be enthralled by new art media such as digital art software programs. Since they can't come back, I decided to do the job for them. These are my ideas of what they would do if you turned them loose with their paintings on a computer art program. The first one, above, is one of Renoir's bathers. The three nudes below it are all by Rubens.

Below, my first panel is my playing with more Renoirs and then I add in Rubens and Botticelli into the mix of women in the panel beneath it.

I've always loved Munch's "The Scream" so I put it into three places with other emblems of the present day.
The next three are William Blake. The first is a repainting of his biblical painting whereas the next two are hands with Blake's paintings inside the hands.

The last one was an oil painting by Paul Jenkins which I reworked until it looked more like a glass sculpture.

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