Monday, May 11, 2015

Work With What You've Got ~ Art 101, Again

I created all of these awhile back in Photoshop. I was doing a lot of crosswords at the time. I don't do as many now but I still do them. I like the concept of puzzles which is pretty evident with the way I like to write about and watch these murder mysteries. These art works would take one an eternity to do in the real world. But I did them in the digital world. It still took awhile but hours, not days or weeks. The importance of this though is that you can get an idea from anything in your life and just run with it creatively until you get bored with it and are ready to move on to some new idea. Some of my better ideas come from some of the most mundane things I do. People often mistakenly think that you need to have grand ideas to get an art project off the ground. I can't think of any grand ideas that ever flitted across my brain. They all start out as ordinary, everyday things.

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