Friday, April 3, 2015

Part II Ongoing Trial of a Homegrown Terrorist in Boston

Read Part I here.


  1. I noticed that you mentioned Al-Qaeda. As I understand it, they were in fact NOT recruits of Al-Qaeda, but of (what is now known as) ISIS. Al- Qaeda and the Islamic State are in a head to head battle over the " soul of jihad", but I think that most people would agree that ISIS is getting stronger while Al-Qaeda is fading. That is only my opinion, but it is a fact that Jahar was only influenced by Al-Qaeda, and the extremists who "recruited" him and his brother were in fact the beginning foundations of what is now ISIS.
    On all of your other statements though - I strongly agree. I truly hope he doesn't get the death penalty. He is only 19 years old. Also, they honestly shouldn't even be considering it if it has been abolished! If you make one exception now, what stops you from making others in the future?
    I have faith in Judy Clarke though. She is an amazing attorney. She spared the Unabomber from the Death Penalty. Hopefully she can do the same here.

    1. I believe I thought that since the materials were credited to AQ which he was studying on the internet, that it should be given credit. OTOH, ISIS could have just as easily put the materials there and left the AQ credit on it. I think I will change the material to read AQ or ISIS since there is no way of being sure of anything in this shadowy terrorist world.

      As to the death penalty in MA. There is no exception being made. It is a case the USA has brought against Jahar and not the state of MA. The charges are all federal, not state. Federal law has not removed the death penalty. The state law of MA has removed it but that only applies to cases tried under the state of MA law. If he gets the death penalty, it would be carried out at a federal prison. The only relevance MA has to this case is: that it is being tried there; it is the scene of the crime; the jury members reside there. This last factor is in Judy Clark's favor as she has jury members who resided in a state which is very opposed to the death penalty.