Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not the Headlines I Expected for My Future

It is a rather sobering fact that most of the terrorist events going on in the world are based on the actions of fundamentalist Islamics, or in the case of Norway, a terrorist reacting against fundamentalist Islamism. The recent event in Paris made me think it was timely to present a summation of these events. Until I sat down and compiled them, I really did not grasp how many there were. Most of the readers of this blog are like me: seniors. As a person born in 1948, brought up in Ohio in the 1950s and 1960s, it never even crossed my mind that in my 60s I would be facing constantly escalating Islamic terrorism instead of: nuclear war, a communist takeover by Russia, an international conflagration because Russia was moving missiles into Cuba, and/or "trying to prevent the domino effect of communist takeovers" (the leading theory going into Vietnam and dying there). I hate to sound truly ignorant, and maybe part of this is my going to Catholic schools all those years, but I did not even know back then what Islam was. I knew there was the new country of Israel and I knew the Arab nations produced a lot of our oil and that Israel and those countries were often enemies. That was the extent of my knowledge. It did not occur to me that this would come to affect me and that the other issues of the day I just mentioned would be deader than the proverbial doornail. We were all getting ready to compete in space after Sputnik. Science and Math were golden. I would have been less surprised to find out that we were reading in 2015 about fighting over moon station rights with the Russians than that we were all cringing, waiting for the next terrorist attack and hoping it wasn't in our city. The rest of this entry is just images of each event so that we all have a summary of what has taken place up to and including January 2015.

I recommend you view these on the Lightbox to get the maximum view. You just click on an image to be taken to the much bigger Lightbox.


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