Monday, December 1, 2014

What Google Tells Me About Myself

I originally loaded this non-slashed image for this entry. I wasn't happy with it so I thought I'd mess around with framing it as a way of making it look better. I should have known better. If you don't like it, framing only makes it worse. After too much time spent with this disaster, I just let rip and ended up with the slashed up version at the very top. Now that's me. And there's the rub. You cannot change who you are and especially not as an artist. The minute I saw the slashed version, I thought, "Yup,now that's me." I realize this means that I see myself as infinitely more chaotic and pulled and pushed than one might ordinarily surmise, but that is the way of it.

Actually, the only reason I made that image was as a cover. I was making a book of one of my entries. You can download the sample pdf of this book here. I have read that some people like being able to get actual books of blog entries. So I did a test run with Friday's entry which had a lot of good imagery. I've also thought I might want to have my own book of the best of the blog for me to refer back to in my further dotage years, assuming there are any!

I also thought you might like to hear how I've been doing with this blog. Blogger does give me stats to look at on my dashboard.
As of today Sunday, November 30th, 2014, there have been 13,214 page views of this blog. I began it in January of 2014. The overwhelming number or readers comes from the USA and then, in order and in small numbers, France, Canada, the UK, Germany, Russia, China, Australia, the Ukraine and Poland.

Google even tells me what you are using to read this. The percentages are: Windows 36%; Mac 35%; iPad 11%; iPhone 9%; Android 3% and Linux 2%. There are some rather bizarre devices bringing up the rear to the 100%. I have no idea what BB10 is or KWC as a computer system. The only surprises to me are Linux and Android. I thought those would have much bigger percentages by now. That Windows continues to fall in users comes as surprise at all. The most common expression I've heard since I left Windows in 2006 is "I'll never go back." Felix still uses Windows but he also has two Macs running and an Android.

Google has also thoughtfully let me know what browsers my readers are using. Safari is in first place. I must admit I have been using it more myself because Chrome has been acting up in a number of ways. I think Apple may do a better job of keeping attackers off its browser. So it is Safari, Firefox and Chrome all in neck to neck competition. Then far, far below is that old war horse, Internet Explorer, which I have not used since 2006. Felix has recently started using the Opera browser on his Samsung phone.

The major portals from which visitors come are Google, Facebook and Amazon.These are the behemoths so no big surprise there. It must be my Amazon reviewing which brings visitors from Amazon. Google France and Google UK also bring readers my way.

My most read post for most of the year was about killer athlete Oscar Pistorius. His case is still coming in at number 4. However, I rewrote that entry and changed the focus to the victim Reeva Steenkamp. This was in disgust at the light sentence he received although I expected that was going to happen. I never posted here that I'd rewritten it so if you would like to read it, it is here. Those are all pictures of her. The way she looked on the left was as a law grad. The way she looked on the right was after her decision to become a model, reality tv contestant and athlete's girlfriend. I find her a very enigmatic and elusive personality. I would love to know about why she made the choices reflected in these pictures but I doubt there is any way of knowing that now. I know she was in some bad accident with a long recovery and that drastically changed her view on how she wanted to live her life. But ordinarily we think that will result in positive change not the stuff you see in the pictures of her as model for magazine FHM (I assume this stands for "For Her Man", which tells us a lot I suppose).

Oscar was dethroned by my two entries on convicted murderer Adnan Syed who is featured on the podcast "Serial", which I listen to like a fiend. Am I surprised that murderers have held the top spot since day 1? In a word, No. As he reads this I am sure Felix is muttering about the perversity of human nature. Hey, Felix, it is interesting, a hell of a lot more interesting than identity theft and white collar crime! 

Over at Teachers Pay Teachers, my slideshow for Adnan Syed of "Serial" is my most looked at show. It remains free and is available for free download here. I have substantially revised it since we are now done with Episode 9 plus I used a white background on my revised version. So download again or for your first time.

I have given this information out to you from Google because this is the only feedback I get on this Blog, with rare exception. Yes, people are reading it but the above is all I can tell you about them. It would really help me if I could get some feedback on your thoughts about this blog. Write to me!

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