Friday, December 5, 2014

Supplemental Entry! Commentary to Serial Podcast Episode 10

Go here for my Friday entertainment entry, about 4 fabulous, classic films which will boost your spirits for this month of the year with the highest number of inpatient depression admissions.

My second Friday entry concerns I have found JAY of "Serial". It really takes the cake when I discover that the two witnesses whose names and pictures have been concealed in America are boldly displayed in a London paper. Hence, I now have pictures for witness Jay Wilds, above left, now of Los Angeles, California , and also for witness Jenn Pusateri, Jay's friend.

The London paper also stated that one of the two Detectives, Ritz, had to resign from the Baltimore PD in 2012 because of a miscarriage of justice in which he was involved. I then read a bit about his problem online in the Baltimore papers. It was the murder of a drug dealer by another in the illegal drug dealing trade. Supposedly Ritz set up one drug dealer over another as the murderer of a key drug dealer. That drug dealer received a thirty year sentence for the murder, served ten years and then was released because he wasn't the right guy. He sued just about everyone in the police and city government in Baltimore, one of whom is Ritz. That case is ongoing. Everyone involved in that case was involved in the illegal drug trade including the supposed witnesses to it. It does not seem a very analogous case but if Ritz did frame one person over another, that is still very bad no matter how despicable everyone in the case was, including the murder victim. If "Serial" were running a show about these drug people, I think we'd have a hard time getting overly involved in the crises of their lives as we have in this case about these high schoolers.

I also have compiled a response to yesterday's Episode 10 of "Serial".  I have redone my slides to also reflect that these two are now identified. Their pictures now appear next to their slide entries.

My commentary on Episode 10:

My continuing art work based on "Serial."

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