Monday, December 8, 2014

Felix Changing... Well, Sort Of

I am sure you may be asking yourself why I am putting another one of my slides in front of you while also announcing that Felix is changing his work situation. At the end of this month he will no longer be going into the office. The jobs he did there, he will do from here, or the little satellite office located nearby, on a freelance basis. He will be turning 69 in January so wanted to further reduce the wear and tear of going into a corporate office. He also will be doing more teaching. My role in the teaching is to create the materials. I actually enjoy creating the materials and this weekend created yet another new show. However, he has to be the one to get up and give them. I just have too much wrong with me. My hearing is bad. My vision is not good. My knees are bad and I go under the knife for knee #1 in early February. I could go on but I think you get the picture of the declining Carol. So this was what we came up with to divide the teaching labor. I create the programs and he gives them. All of theses shows are all continuing ed for real estate agents.

Will we kill one another being in the same condo seven days a week? Well, let's just say that I hope my final murder presentation does not emanate from that situation! It is far likelier though that I would just hurl a plate of spaghetti at him, just like Oscar did to Felix when he had one lick of cleaning too many.

The above slide comes from my third show which is about real estate agents at increased risk from criminals. I am not talking about white color crime. There has been a steady increase in murder, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, carjacking, armed robbery and so forth against them. There is so much crime in fact that my show is HUGE.  So today I will only share a few of the more interesting with you so you can get a look at some of the problems going on for these people. The rest of us might also learn from their dangers how to avoid some of our own.

My first three slides cover what should be obvious to the average person but is not to the average agent. They need to get out of the public eye so much. Back when I grew up in this business, agents did not post themselves anywhere. They needed no pictures because none were used anywhere. Today it is as if they are part of central casting out in Hollywood with glamour shots galore which are posted everywhere offline and online. And they are getting murdered and raped for these efforts. My first three slides below cover some steps they need to take to reverse this. Remember that these pictures do get bigger if you click on them. I have the best luck looking at the big ones in the Safari browser.

One agent in Texas was seemingly murdered for her Rolex watch and huge diamond on an Open House and that is just one of these instances.

Agents galore run into their criminals while being in empty houses. The next two slides involve one such murder but unlike the others it was a professional hit on a 24 year old Vancouver Island agent. The more usual situation is murder or rape by someone recently released from prison (usually on one of these paroled early due to prison overcrowding programs).

Not surprisingly, some agents are posting online to others that they have decided to take advantage of the new conceal and carry laws now legal in over 41 states. I noticed in one of those comments that a woman agent who lives where Felix's sister lives (Contra Costa County, California) finds it just about impossible to be able to legally conceal and carry a gun there. You need a permit and they are just about impossible to obtain. Not so in most of the rest of the country. This is solely a matter of state law and some have reverted to being like the old Wild West. Florida, for example, ended up with the Trayvon Martin murder by Zimmermam because of its wide open conceal and carry plus stand your ground laws. I'll end here for today.

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