Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Terrorism ~ "Who Ya Gonna Send?" "Bernie"

We seem to be in a second era when we are awaiting a Bernie Goetz moment. Any amateur historian knows that people tend to revolt when they feel as if they have nothing else to lose. They're on a continuous spiral downwards anyway so might as well resort to taking the law into their own hands. When I recently saw the article about the travelers in the airport taking down the Texas bully attacking the guy in the pink shirt (read and view it here), I couldn't help thinking of Bernie Goetz, "The Subway Gunman." So today I thought we'd revisit that case while we wait for airline travelers to take down the next fellow traveler who gets out of line in this era of Travel by Terror Delay. With no further ado, let us step back to prior decades and look at both Bernie Goetz and "Death Wish" with the avenging Charles Bronson.

Go here for the above PBS docu-drama.

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