Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Making Art (and Everything Else) for Free from Apple

This is my own art work but this entry is only tangentially about my art work. The real purpose of this entry is to discuss the present state of my electronics. I include the present state of Felix's and Rebecca's as part and parcel of this since I help them with theirs as needed. So they end up heavily with my preferences. Felix is now operating my former two Macbooks and I bring Rebecca's Macbook and iPhone into the future with these new incarnations. They are both very good on these machines. Part of the reason is me but an increasing part of the reason is just how easy Apple is making it to operate its devices.

First, we all now have Yosemite on our Macs so we are state of the art. The reason I put that art work in is that Yosemite made it possible. Apple is either now giving me free software left and right or it is giving me software so heavily discounted that it is incredible. Thus, I now have "Pixelmator" as my $30 image editing software. I got this in the Mac App Store and this app does everything on my Mac that I used to do with Photoshop but even better. Plus it now interfaces with iCloud with its very own Pixelmator setting and folder. Photoshop cost $600 plus updates were another hundred to two hundred dollars. My updates are free with Pixelmator. I made the frame with Keynote and now I am given Keynote for free. Plus my iCloud is free. Plus the images are zipping back and forth between my Mac Air and my iPads without my doing a thing, for free. Pixelmator is now sitting on my iPads too, as is Keynote.

The long and the short of it is that virtually everything I am using when I am making something on my MacAir is now deeply integrated into Apple and I am able to do it for low to no cost. Why is Apple being so magnanimous? My guess is that it wants me totally relying on it for as much as possible and, in time, everything. It doesn't want me using Adobe or Microsoft or even Google. It is getting its wish with everything but Google because there is no way I am giving up my Chrome browser. As for even more distant providers like Yahoo, what in the heck does that even do anymore? I don't have a clue as I haven't been over there in years. Apple has not managed to supplant Amazon or eBay yet but boy, give it time. I am really hoping it doesn't overrun those though. The only thing that makes me think Apple can't do it is that it no longer has Steve.  Yes, it has got tons of business acumen but no longer has its genius.

I don't like being this dependent on the one company. It has made everything so easy and so beautiful that it is almost impossible to remember when this computer company was like the also ran Avis or Betamax. The "cult of Mac" used to be a distinct minority group. It is hardly that anymore. What also gives me pause is that Felix hates Apple yet there he is running two Macs!

Rebecca uses an iPhone. Felix uses the Samsung Galaxy phone, which has given Apple's iPhone quite the run. Thank God something has! Because of my hearing problems, I use iPads instead of a phone. That's the other thing. I noticed on IOS8 that there are all sorts of new settings for people with hearing aids and vision problems. That is very smart because our huge age group is getting lots of disabilities as the years keep mounting.

So it has never been better for using Apple yet I am nervous about this master of the universe business model.  I do feel safer with a lot of healthy competition going on in the market place.

For any of you with Apple products, you will discover that both Yosemite and IOS8 are the best operating systems yet from Apple so get with the updates (free) if you haven't already. Here are some concluding visuals about the biggest features Apple is pushing (please note how it is constantly trying to get me to switch from Chrome to Safari as my default browser too).

If you want to see Apple's presentation on Yosemite, go here.

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