Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Dumpster Diver, a Hacker & an Axe Murderer

I asked Felix if he read about Lizzie Borden per my last entry. He started haranguing me about all of my bloody murders, saying he was getting mighty tired of reading about people being chopped up with an axe like the Bordens or meeting similar ends. Didn't he have enough similar stuff to read online in the news every day?

"Did you read it?" I asked again.

"Of course I read it, the whole bloody, grisly thing."

I rather expected this. It is one thing to protest about violence and it is quite another to be noble enough to look away from a double axe murder.

"But doesn't the puzzle behind it intrigue you?" I asked next.

"No. I don't care who did it."

"You don't like the puzzle aspect, that she would have had between 8-13 minutes to clean herself, the murder weapon and dispose of the evidence. It can't be done in 8-13 minutes yet who else could have done it?"

Silence and then he's talking about where we'll go to lunch. We're en route to visit my sleep doctor and I don't need to be a mind reader to know he'll be picking Luchita's for lunch. So although he asks me not one thing about Lizzie axing her parents to death, he is immediately able to segue into he'll be having Chilies Rellenoes for lunch at Luchita's. Although the West Side has come to mean doctors to us, it also means having great Mexican food.

Felix really does not have one ounce of curiosity about the Borden case and he has never spent even one minute turning the puzzle over in his head. I do not think you will be amazed to learn that I am the only one in this family to do crossword puzzles, play Scrabble and gin rummy plus read mystery novels. Felix won't "lower himself" to do any of these.

We are working on developing some continuing ed programs to use in the real estate industry and I said to him, "Do you have any idea how much more interesting it is to develop materials about an axe murder than it is about white collar identity theft?" This is the job I have been doing for days now.

I had him there. Much as he protested about axe murders, even he could see the appeal of them over white collar crime. I have often said though that I think you can make anything interesting. It takes work with this kind of topic but I will share a couple of things with you to make my point. First, there is my art work. This is my creation of what small business owners would feel like if they were computer hacking victims. (note the absence of any axe in the art piece.)

Then I happened to discover a real nightmare about what could happen to people with medical coverage. I don't think it could happen to me as I have too much wrong with me. I am so well documented with medical records that someone would have to be an idiot to try and pass for me. I don't think they'd like some of the treatments they might be facing being me, for one.

I liked the medical art work I put together here but it was nothing special. I was also reminded of John Ritter, the actor's, death when I was writing this. John Ritter was rushed to the hospital with a serious tear in the heart area, called an aortic dissection. It did kill him but what he was concerned about was making sure the hospital checked him in under a fake name because he didn't want the media to know he was in the hospital. This really interfered with the battle to save his life and the battle was lost in part because of mixups with that fake name. When his survivors brought the lawsuit for wrongful death, that fake name change was a big flaw in their case. I wonder if these medical thieves have lost sight of the big picture (living) like Ritter did. I almost wish one of them would check in as me and start receiving unexpected treatment for my many maladies. If the staff gives her my rare A negative blood, it will really be curtains for her.

I really liked the next art work I did of a dumpster diver. It is all in the feet, I believe.

That's it on this topic. I realize I am pushing my luck on this type of thing. How many of us read detective novels about this kind of crime after all?  None of us. There is no Inspector Morse waiting in the emergency room or in the alley way to solve these crimes. It's just too.... well, boring. The picture on the very top is so that you can ask yourself which kind of person you prefer: a dumpster diver, an axe murderer or a hacker?

As a side note, today the nurse asked me as the very first question if I'd been out of the country over the last three weeks. I looked at her and said, "Aha, you're checking for ebola!" She admitted she was. It is a small step in the right direction but anything in the direction of getting a handle on ebola I will take.

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