Monday, October 6, 2014

Felix Goes to Geneva on the Lake (Erie)

Felix and I just got back from three nights and four days at Geneva on the Lake. He is, of course, driving again, and I was so relieved not to have to get us there. One hour and twenty minutes of having him as a passenger adds an additional thirty minutes to what I used when taking him to his surgeon. And I almost lost my mind with that. So yes, he's at the wheel again. Not that that is antic free. Now I've got Helga his GPS wonder woman along too.

First there was getting off from home in the first place. Just getting to the car was an adventure. Felix announced that we were departing at 1:30pm. I had to be at the door ready to enter the car then. I was busy doing all my normal stuff all morning and I noticed all these suitcases and packing going on around me.  It went on and on and suddenly there is Felix in front of me announcing it is 1pm and I am going to throw everything off by waiting so long to pack.

"You think it is going to take me half an hour to pack?"

We haven't gone anywhere in awhile so evidently he forgot that my packing is not fussy. I left my stuff, went to my closet, then the medicine cabinet, then grabbed my electronics case. The only problem I used to have was packing all of my books for a trip. That is no longer a problem. All of my books, music and so forth are all on my Mac Air, and my iPads. They all go with me everywhere and I can pack my electronics in two minutes flat since it is all at hand. Twenty minutes later at 1:20pm, I was ready to go.

"Ok, let's go, Felix."

Of course he needed the 10 minutes to finish packing so took us to the 1:30pm time.

When I told the above packing story to Rebecca (friend and neighbor) she said I should do a blog entry about how to pack so fast. I said, "I am surrounded by Felixes. My method of packing is vintage Oscar--grab it and throw it in the suitcase. When done throwing, zip it up and leave. No one would adopt my methods except another Oscar and Oscars aren't looking for articles about packing tips."

Back to departing with Felix: Now we're in the car and Felix announces he wants to travel backwards to the interstate. He will get on an entrance to the south of where we are even though we are headed due north. He consults Helga when I tell him he's nuts. She wants him to go to an entrance that's East. That one has been closed for a few years by the Highway Department. Finally, I get both of them to go north to an entrance I use (as the crow flies). Helga keeps correcting us till we're about half way to the entrance ramp and then finally figures out where I'm going and announces my road. Fortunately, she shuts up for most of the drive on the interstate.

Then we arrive in Geneva and promptly run into a road detour because the Grape Jamboree is going on there with floats, parades and the whole bit. Felix goes nuts in traffic jams. There is no other way to put it.

First, he carries on about he is never traveling on a Sunday again. That is what has foiled him. Then he segues into his problem was using the Geneva exit. (I know we are warming up to this is my fault as the harangue continues.) Traffic is not moving and I know he is only going to get worse. Being stopped in traffic is his idea of hell on earth. So I come up with a solution. It is a totally wrong solution but I think it might work. Everyone around us is so happy because they are a local. Being downtown at the parade is their idea of heaven on earth. So I figure they are so placid that maybe we can just go around them. So I tell him to just pass the ten cars ahead, go to the stop sign, turn right and then we'll be en route again. It works. I don't know how I got so lucky but everyone in Geneva must have been so "in the zone" with the Grape Jamboree that you could almost do anything around them without their noticing. Maybe all that wine they make up there has that kind of effect on everyone. It is Ohio's wine country and really fine wines are made there now.

Once we are on our way again, Helga resumes telling him what to do the rest of the way so I am able to just take a big breath of relief for the remaining five minute ride to the lodge.

From arrival time forward it definitely gets better because we start to relax. Water has always had a very beneficial effect on me. I find it very soothing. However, the days when I went vaulting into any kind of water, lake, ocean, river, even in the Autumn, are over.

The food was excellent up there. Felix has given up on Pacific Ocean fish because he now believes it all contaminated from the nuclear accident in Japan. He will eat Lake Erie walleye and perch though. I, as usual, eat everything (Pacific Ocean included) but on the lake I too eat walleye and perch. This is also a heavily Italian American area still so the little Italian restaurant outside of town, Alessandro's, is excellent too. I get pasta there. Otherwise, we just amble around. We take the convertible top down because the weather is good.

I did try some of the local white wine and it was quite good. It was a varietal where three different whites were blended together. This is how the Lake Erie wines recovered. Ohio wines died once but resurged in the later 20th century to date. Using hybrids and varietals was a big part of the resurgence. So a bottle of the local white wine, fresh walleye done by a really good chef and a view of the Lake--anyone can relax to that! There are wine tours with a shuttle from the lodge so one does not have to mix drinking and driving. For those of you who like history, as I do, go here to read the very interesting history behind Ohio wine, its fall and rebirth. Felix does not drink so this only interests me.

If any of you local gals I know would like to get up a party to go the lodge together for a girls' only night or two, just let me know and I could arrange one.

If you want to read about the lodge go here:

So, adieu, Geneva on Lake Erie until we make it up again! They do rent snowmobiles for use in the adjacent state park. I'd like to try it but Felix was adamant that I would probably die if I tried it. I guess he can't stand the thought of me driving anything.

But I certainly am not planning on taking him with me on a snowmobile... I do have my own D.L. and I do drive without him, thank the powers that be.


  1. So glad you had such a great time! I'd love to do a girls-only night or two sometime--and I'll try my hand at packing like an Oscar. One thing that has always really bugged me is how, in movies, when the heroine moves out in a huff, she throws her clothes into a suitcase and leaves... SO unrealistic!!

  2. You are betraying Felix tendencies. An Oscarette could move out that way but would need to return a few times to go through her piles of stuff to get everything.

  3. Carol, ...."a bottle of the local white wine, fresh walleye done by a really good chef and a view of the Lake" sounds wonderful. Worth a trip with Felix and Helga...

    By the way, what name have you given the car?

    1. i used to name our cars but fell out of the habit. my last two cars have been convertibles and that is how i refer to them.