Monday, September 29, 2014

The Dirt! Selling Prices of Notorious Homes, Like Oscar Pistorious Mansion

These are all homes where something very terrible happened, usually somebody was violently murdered. In real estate this is known as stigmatized real estate and there are laws mandating that prospective buyers must be told what happened. Now that Google is only one click away it is amazing how if you just put the bare bones info about the house into the search engine, the entire story will come right to you in all of the lead links. And I mean everything. 

Right at the top of the page Google will typically ask if you want to see the crime scene photos. If you click yes, it whisks you away to the Google Image Search Engine and will bombard you with countless pages of crime scene and autopsy evidence. Nothing is held back. Nothing is too grisly. If you have set safety filters on your search engines, then some of this might not appear but few of us set limitations on our searches. What this means is that when any buyers are curious about a house, they can find out right on their (smart)phones what happened there with the grisliest pictures imaginable. I've got all those crime scene pics too for each of these houses but for the moment, I'm just showing the houses. Hope you find this as interesting as I did.

I think I must give Charles Lindbergh, of all people, the highest marks on selfless, charitable actions after one of these tragedies. He made a huge charitable donation to boys in danger with his real estate from his own tragedy. I've gotten used to thinking of him as the one time heroic aviator who turned into a Nazi but perhaps I've been too harsh on him. 

You might want to post a comment at the end about whether you could live in one of these properties. Of the two of us, I'm inclined to think I could do it more so than Felix thinks he could. Felix says he does not want that much bad Karma. The thing is that the land has been around for an awfully long time and the odds are that someone has violently died on your piece of earth. If there is such a ghostly after phenomenon, I doubt there is a statute of limitations on how long the ghost stays there. If there was a violent death a thousand years ago, then when it comes to eternal matters, that is not all that different from the ghost that took up residence yesterday.

These are all images. Click on them to see giant versions in the lightbox.

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