Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Put Your Fingers In Your Sneakers for Walking, Again

Consider me a private detective in addition to a satirist. Today I am sharing with you the places I have scouted out in the online world which you too may care to visit. Plus I have two cool new features to share with you.

This is one of my very best leads. If you become obsessed with some tv show (who, me?) and want to share the obsession with intelligent people, the New York Times now has a section for these shows. It is in the Section called Arts Beat and you just follow the recap for your show. Comments are listed with the recap. Often the writer of the source material is one of the people in the forum. Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Downton Abby, the Americans, etc., are all up for discussion. See ones listed right now, below. Go here.

Mobile Read Forums: if you are an ebook reader and want to be able to ask any question about ebooks and eReaders, go here.

Medicare Rights: There is a very organized group to help you get your medicare rights if you have a problem here.

If you want the USA gossip version of the UK's Daily Mail, go here.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, when you install the new operating system, called IOS8, you get some major adjustments to the camera, chief of which is that you now can do time lapse photography. I just installed IOS8 and have had no problems.

I had been using the new NYTimes recipe box on my Mac Air. However, now there is a new app for the recipe box for the iPad. I just put it on and it looks great. Right now just iPad has it but it is less than a week old.

When I want to read a case from the US Supreme Court, I go to Cornell here. It provides open access law (free).

If you want a garment project for fall either for yourself or a kid or grandkid but you don't want to sew a stitch, there is such a place here. She calls it 20 No-Sew Styles for Fall.

This gal has to come up with food and drink on the fly so calls herself Impromptu Kitchen here.

I go to Paste once a day just to see if it has any new crazy list I can use. It often does. These are 10 best lists and they cover everything. I put a recent one up as its logo so that you believe me about it lists everything. Go here.

Oprah is back into Books in a big way. She has loads of great leads on her book page. She also has her Book Club 2.0. I signed up but have yet to do anything with it. I prefer just getting the leads. Go here. has free shipping for fabric orders $35 or more. I rarely need less than 3-4 yards for a project so it is not hard to reach that. Plus its prices are the same or lower than everywhere else, including eBay. Go here. is a huge clearinghouse type of site which has sections for every conceivable interest for a senior person. As you might expect, it is growing by leaps and bounds so I expect it to become very popular in awhile. Go here.

If you find my choices not so hot, then go to the number one place, the Emmy and Oscar of website pickers, the WEBBY here.  Here's just one of its winners, an app to put on your devices:

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  1. Wow! What a plethora of fabulous links, ideas, updates, and inspiration! Thanks for sharing your sleuthing with us!