Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Just Criminal!

I've been doing criminal presentations for Teachers Pay Teachers for a solid week. I complicated it a bit yesterday when I decided that I needed to get some Keynote templates into my act to make the presentations look better. So yesterday and today I built new crimes with new templates. I figure since I am not creating any art, I might as well create some crime presentations. I, of course, have to do research when I make these shows and sometimes the seemingly small facts suddenly cast a very new light on an old case. I thought I'd share these with you today.

Lorena and John Bobbitt: All along I thought he'd had a full recovery but now I'm not so sure. No one ever gave us a medical follow up. We just heard about John's many conquests and two porno movies. The doctors kept mum and here's John doing an ad for his porno; his urologist showing what he had to reattach and Lorena up on the witness stand.

Ted, our Unabomber, had a bit of interesting info too. I knew he was a genius and a child prodigy but I had no idea that when he went to Harvard at age 16 that he was put into one of those dangerous experimental programs that were secretly going on across American college campuses in the 1960s. Seems the real Unabomber might be a guy named Henry Murray who was at Harvard running clinical trials.

I actually laughed when I got to this next one. This was for a mock trial I put together which involves trying Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of JFK. I knew there were a lot of fanatics online pursuing special interests but I have never seen so much material for any one subject as one can find on the JFK killing. You could spend the rest of your life just going through it if that was your fancy. Anyway, here is one of those theories and it cracked me up.

I didn't realize that Scott Peterson was probably just about ready to go kill his ex-girlfriend at the time of his arrest. I guess killing his wife wasn't enough for him. There were quite a few surprising things I discovered on this case not just this. One of them is he just might get out on his appeal.

There is so much info on the Michael Jackson cases I didn't know that it was hard to pick just one. However, what happened to the Chandler family after they received their $15 million bogus settlement is worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Turns out that if only Martha Stewart had been a little more patient with that drug at ImClone that she would have made a ton of money on it. By believing her old boyfriend that all was lost on this drug, she threw away an incredible investment. The drug ends up being fantastic for certain cancers.

I knew the Robert Blake case needed a hit man to proceed. There just did not seem any way he could have done it all on his lonesome. I had heard the two stuntmen he used on "Baretta" were candidates but I did not know both of them were long term mental patients and drug addicts with huge medical records to prove their conditions. They were shells up on the stand and were absolutely torn apart.

William Kennedy Smith I knew was back in the headlines bothering new women when he was living in Chicago.  There's actually just about nothing I heard about him and a woman which would surprise me. What did surprise me was how good a doctor and entrepreneur he is.

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