Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Felix & Me, Day In, Day Out

About a week ago I showed Felix that he could now watch a whole raft of new shows by putting on the brand new Amazon Instant Video app onto his android phone. I sent him the link to Google Play for downloading it. I sent him other links showing what he could watch including early HBO shows for free since we are Prime Members. What I heard back was a thundering silence. Finally, I said, "Haven't you gotten around to putting that Amazon app on your phone yet?

"I've been watching it all week. I'm watching the series "Rome".

More thundering silence.

"Uh, don't you think a thank you might have been in order, Felix?"

This is standard operating procedure around here. Had he put it on his phone and hated it, I know I would have heard about it for weeks. Here it is for anyone who missed the announcement:

Next up, he is walking around here constantly complaining about Obama, now thinking he is a terrible President. He was incredibly enthused about voting for him in the Primary the first time and set off to the voting booth with a spring in his step. Then he noticed I was not coming along. Why ever not? You always vote!

This is another huge difference between us. I go into an election expecting very little. I am suspicious of all people needing the notoriety of being politicians and am loathe to believe them about anything. I was planning on voting for the Democrat because I was eager to undo some of the things done by the extreme right. I'll make no secret about it. I had been very unhappy for eight years with W about the erosion of my constitutional rights. I wanted them back! But to use the old cliche, I wasn't expecting the greatest thing since sliced bread in this or any other election.

"You go vote for whomever you want for the Primary, Felix. I want all of you to pick somebody who satisfies you. Then whomever the vast majority of you pick as the great Democratic Savior, I will go vote for that person in the General Election. I do want to make sure we get a change so we can moderate back to the middle. We are way too far over to the right."

What I do believe in is that in democracies you get into trouble if you go too far right or too far left. Then the people need to get back into the voting booth and pull the country back towards that vast middle of the road whenever we've drifted. It is because those vast middle of the roaders stayed out of the voting booth that we got in the too extreme fix in the first place! In the long run, extreme drifts to the right or left will not work in a democracy since we use a popular, majority vote. There are just not enough voters on either the extreme right or left which is why it is impossible for those positions to hold long range. 

But particular people as politicians? Oh, no, I haven't believed in any of those for a very long time. 

Felix was ecstatic when Obama won the Noble Prize and I was silent in the face of all of this enthusiasm. 

"Aren't you excited about this?" Felix demanded.

"Nope, I don't really think it is a good idea to give politicians awards. It makes their heads even thicker than they already are. We don't need to inflate their egos any more than they already are."

I was regarded as a real buzz kill around here. Now, of course, I am the one just about as happy with Obama as I was when I voted for him the first time while Felix is crushed. He was downcast when he voted for him the second time but not really liking the other side at all. I was actually feeling pretty good. I felt better about the Constitution again and did not find my rights assailed every time I read a newspaper. I really hadn't dared hoped for anything else. So I voted for him again, expecting to see a little more drift to the left, not much, maybe a good Supreme Court judge or two, further restoration of the lost rights which had  worried me sick in the Bush years and basically not much else.  Felix is absolutely outraged that I consider that good enough

"What were you expecting, Felix? Peace in the Middle East? It'll never happen. I don't care who you elect."

I'm being facetious but by the look on his face I figure that maybe he thought Obama was capable of achieving Peace in the Middle East. 

I mean, really. C'mon. These politicians are snake oil salesmen. You'd be better off thinking of them as being like those rattlesnakes your friend won't kill in her California back yard.

I don't say the above out loud. I'm afraid he'll stop voting completely and I need his vote for these grass roots issues I follow on the local scene.

I will credit myself with one nobel act too. I was going into Medicare so didn't care about Obamacare but then Rebecca get much better medical coverage with it. So I gave Obama points for that too. She is the person I see the most after Felix so it is important that she stay healthy. You lose people who don't have medical care and I don't want that loss. This was my one exception to my we all vote for our own selfish interests philosophy. 

In summary, Felix and I could not have more different outlooks on this if we tried. He gets mad now if the "O subject" even comes up around here.

So no one could ever say I am happy with my politicians. I am not. The difference is that I do not expect to be happy with them. Any of them. In fact if you wanted to argue about the relative merits of two of them running for the same office, you would be amazed at how much bad I knew about both of them. I expect to have big lists of bad acts to the debit side for both of them. The only question is which one is worse than the other. That is what determines the issue for me.

Reading all of the above, who do you think fills out the sample ballot for me, Felix, Rebecca and when Jim's Mom was alive and here, her as well?

If you think it is any of them, you've still got a thing or two to learn. Yes, I am the one who goes online and reads everything prior to voting, makes up a sample ballot for myself for every single thing on the ballot and am ready to go on election day. I am not about to pay the price of ending up with someone really terrible as the judge for our probate court or a school board opening filled with someone who wants to build yet another sports arena, and so forth. That grass roots stuff can kill you for years if you don't pay attention. 

When they found out I did this research, they couldn't get their hands on my ballot fast enough for themselves. Now they start asking for it weeks before election day. They may quibble about one or two things and change one or two when in the booth but I don't really expect them to go read this stuff, do I?

Felix's eye is fixed. Drum roll please. When he woke up this morning, the bubble was gone. I have not driven him in weeks.  We bought him his own GPS so that I never need to hear him go ballistic again if he gets lost in a corn field when we are supposed to be in an Emergency Room. He calls her Helga and likes her a great deal. I don't think any woman prior to Helga has made him so happy as a car companion. I wish them well and meanwhile just rely on the good sense of direction my seamen ancestors gave to me genetically. I told him to stop off at the Bob Evans when he was coming back from seeing his eye surgeon but I think he feels bad about the waitress he spooked with his rattlesnakes. So he isn't stopping there for awhile. When I got into the car today I wondered what this thing was on the floor before me. "Oh, those are Helga's feet." He doesn't like leaving her brain out in the car so carries that around. Now her feet stay with me on the passenger side. That's fine. I'll take her feet over being stuck in the corn field any day.

Our standing order at Heritage Farm is working out even better than expected. Felix now goes to pick it up and loves the ride to the farm and the chatter with the folks there. Then he comes back and fixes us some dinner with what he picked up. Last night it was a wonderful tomato and lettuce salad and I swear I could tell a major difference in the produce from what we get in the store. I wolfed it down.

Felix is of course my husband, Jim, who has been profiled in this Blog's pages for his Felix Unger from The Odd Couple tendencies. Every once in awhile I feel like sharing his latest peculiarites with the Blog audience. It sure beats screaming at the walls.

I have made so many criminal pictures this week for my Powerpoint presentations that I cannot even look at my photo software so this entry is a text one. 

Coda: I am telling myself as I write this that I have nothing to worry about as far as the people I know in my Greenwood development reading this. I mean, they wouldn't really stop me and ask me for a copy of my ballot, would they? Nah, of course not.

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