Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't Shut Me Out of Fashion Week Because I'm a Senior!

So much of what is shown in Fashion Week In New York City 2014 cannot be worn by the senior woman. So I resolved to go through the fashion pages and see if there was anything which can be adapted for our use. You may be interested in knowing that even top Hollywood stars need to have these gowns altered so they work for them. They too are not over six feet tall and around 100 pounds or so like these models (what they now call a size zero). The Fashion Police tv show regularly shoots these stars down when they try to wear these gowns as if they were one of these mutant women. So I've picked dresses which could be altered the easiest for senior women as seen during Fashion Week 2014. You'd raise the bust line so no exposed cleavage, lessen the slit in the skirt, raise or lower skirt length to hit somewhere below the knee but above the ankle, and eliminate the taffeta petticoat unless going to a formal event. When these dresses are adapted for mass market consumers, those changes automatically take place in the factory as they would otherwise be unsalable in department and other stores.

There are reports of even these Amazonian models falling onto the ground and runways because of the shoes being shown for Fashion Week 2014. This is no wonder when you view the shoes, left, which are typical this year. I don't know of any seniors who don't have some problem which makes them cautious with their feet. These range from hip and knee problems to bunions, to corns, to arthritis to bone density loss to neuropathy to balance and dizziness problems. If you are a senior with no such issues then by all means, go for one of these new sets of shoes. And get ready to join the rest of us in the orthopedic surgeon's office!

For those of us with problems or realizing we will soon be there, below are Fall 2014 shoes for us. I like all of them but especially the orange lace up, the snakeskin Armani, and the Dolce & Gabana Mary Janes. I already own a pair almost identical to the dark blue ballet flat or would also include those.
When it comes to handbags and purses, there is a certain comfort level I cannot live without in one. Paramount is that I absolutely must be able to sling it over my shoulder with a strap. Next, it must be in a fabric I like. This changed a few years ago from leather to chenille with one big advantage being that I can wash and dry the chenille bag in my machines. Third, at the very least it must fit an iPad mini comfortably. I must also like the color, the style and it must be neither too big or too small. Below is an array of 2014 bags. I will tell you below the assortment which ones I could live with and without. This is a highly personal item with women and if she is carrying a briefcase too, that is yet another factor to put into the hopper.
I like all of these as far as style. But then I start eliminating them based on the factors I stated before and the field narrows quickly. There are only three I would even consider buying and probably not even those. The first is the upper left magenta and orange one. I hesitate though because it looks like it will be murder to clean. I hate using dry cleaners and haven't used one in decades. The next one is second from the left on the bottom in pink quilting. I like the way I can hold it, like it is a plastic bag and it does convert to shoulder use. I don't like chains instead of fabric or leather though. Number three for me is the bottom left. I like everything about it but I'm afraid the fringe would drive me crazy. It looks good but the fringe is going to be getting in my way for everything. Everything else fails on just about every count although they look good and stylish.
When I was young, hats were what looked best on me. Now as a senior, as I look at all of these, I think they would be in dead last position as far as appearance enhancing. These are all the hats from Fashion Week 2014 in New York and the very biggest hit is the one second from the bottom on the right, the black hat on the blonde wearing blue. This may be my least favorite hat in the whole bunch. I have short hair. I live in a section of the country with tough winters (or as of last year we resumed rough winters, I should say). Thus,  I may as well pick one I'll be warm wearing. The one I thus like best and would buy is the upside down bucket one with the fringe, to the left of the blue beret. I get hot so easily that the fur ones are out on that basis plus I don't like the weight of fur. I don't even need to get to PETA issues to reject fur. The gray one on the top extreme left with the coxcomb is my next choice as that would go on easily and keep me warm.

The Fashion Week hairdos ones shown here can all be adapted by us. The furthest to the left, both up and down, can be worn by anyone. I believe she has some extensions in her hair on the left bottom, which we can also do.The two short dos are more adventuresome but they can be used by us. The remaining 'dos are for those of us who still want to wear long hair (not me). I have seen senior women with long hair but very few of them look good. So if you insist on this, containing the long hair is the way to go, as shown in the remaining three dos. You have got to be talented with hair to do these though or have someone in your house who is. The braid especially could take forever to do but is about the only way I'd wear super long gray hair. Note: extensions for hair, everything from feathers on, are easily found online using the google search engine. Try this site for extensions here.

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