Monday, September 22, 2014

And More It's Just Criminal!

Yes, it is time for more law!!!

Leopold & Loeb was an incredible tragedy to everyone who touched the case. Loeb's father only survived his son's sentencing by a scant two months. He keeled over dead of a heart attack. He was in his mid 50s. I read Clarence Darrow's plea to the judge about their families. He mentioned Loeb's other relatives were in the court room that day but his mother and father had been made so ill that they couldn't leave home. Albert Loeb, Richard Loeb's father, was the central lawyer-business man behind the creator of Sears & Roebuck. To make things even worse, the boy they killed was Richard Loeb's second cousin, which meant that Albert Loeb's son had killed his cousin's boy. 

About the only thing I didn't know about Lenny Bruce is that Phil Spector, of all people, was one of his best friends! Phil even helped organize his funeral. What I have known about Lenny Bruce for many decades is this: Every stand up comic in America, every comedian in America, every artist and writer in America, is in debt to Lenny Bruce. As a stand up comic in the 1960s in America he championed the First Amendment. In 1964 he was convicted in an obscenity trial. He died while appealing it. His was the landmark trial for freedom of speech in America. Comedy, as you see it performed today, would not exist without him. 

Charles Manson wanted to be a musician but hadn’t made it. He believed that a race war was coming and that the Beatles’ music warned of this holocaust in their song called "Helter Skelter.” Manson felt only he and his “family" members would survive Helter Skelter. The irony is that in Britain Helter Skelter also refers to an amusement park ride and if you listen to the lyrics of the song, the British Beatles surely put that interpretation into the song. It is about a girl and an amusement ride to them and a race war to Charles Manson. The reason Manson picked Cielo Drive is because Terry Melcher had lived there earlier. Melcher was in the music business and Manson had pinned all his musical hopes on him. Melcher did not come through as he didn’t think Manson had enough talent. (As Doris Day’s son, Melcher had tried a singing career himself and found out he didn’t have enough talent for that end of the business. So he was now in the business end of the music business and he thought Manson had even less talent than he did.) Melcher and Candice Bergen had lived on Cielo Drive together but they both had moved. Manson knew this but he figured the house would do anyway as a symbol of his rejection from show business. By killing wealthy people in their homes, Manson planned on helping the big race war come about that only he and his “family” would survive. He would cast suspicion on militant black groups and when those groups won the race war and discovered they were inept, they would make him the leader of the new society. It was this plan that inspired him to tell his family members Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Kasabian to go to Cielo and kill everyone they found. Meanwhile, he stayed at home.

I am not convinced that Tyria Moore, Aileen Wuornous's girlfriend, was not involved in these murders. Apparently all it took to get Aileen Wuornous going was Tyria's needing anything her little heart desired and her having to do without because they lacked cash. Ergo, Aileen would go murder for it and they'd have a swell evening after all. Unfortunately, Tyria moved back to my state after Aileen was executed!

Dr. Korovin is throat doctor to the stars. I think I'd change doctors after what she did to Joan Rivers (as in killed her). In addition to doing all of the below, she also failed to intubate Rivers prior to doing a biopsy on her. Minimally it seems she's committed malpractice if not some unintentional form of homicide. Melissa Rivers is getting ready to sue her and everyone else involved. 

I did not realize that either of the Menendez brothers was in any way attractive at any time in life. This is Erik, the younger one, picture taken when he was much younger. They say the girls at his high school were crazy for him. I guess his psycho personality finally shone through by the time he came to our attention.

The amazing thing about Phil Spector is how early his obsession with guns goes back. As you can see, this is a very iconic early shot of him in his heady, hippie days in the music business. Yet there he is gun pointed straight at you with that dead stare. His father committed suicide and thus left him at an early age. When these women were all testifying about his waving his gun in their faces, every one of the threats he screamed at them included the words, don't you dare leave me!

I didn't know there was a third and fourth accomplice on the Oklahoma City Bombing. I cannot believe that the wife, the fourth accomplice, got immunity on this! Well, I can but that #3 and #4 are living in Witness Protection somewhere....I hope it isn't here. Also, the memorials for that bombing are fabulous. Just look them up in Google.

I didn't realize that Kevorkian didn't require a terminal or awful illness to use the suicide machine. I have mixed feelings about that. This woman was in her 50s, not physically ill but absolutely miserable. This is minutes before she used the machine. She sure looks euphoric about dying in any minute. 
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  1. Carol...,.you really covered the villains of the last couple decades well. I don't read much "true crime" but these folks were the top offenders.

    By the way, I can't wait to see Charlize Theron in Gillian Flynn's DARK PLACES. I believe she'll win another Oscar for playing Libby Day.

    And I surely was disappointed with the film of GONE GIRL. My review HOLLYWOOD DIRTIES UP GONE GIRL....

    Have you seen it?