Monday, July 7, 2014

The Animal Wearable Resurrected, Hallelujah!

This is my resurrected animal print dress, front and back above. I can now wear it. My biggest error was my sleeves weren't right and the second was that the dress didn't join right at the sides. These are pretty big errors and it is hard to be seen in public that way.

The only way I could solve this was by using yet another fabric, left. By using this new fabric,  I could cut out holes for the arms, just like I'd done on other garments prior to this disastrous misstep. I also added huge textural pockets to the dress.

This is the prior version's front, above. I may like the front of this version better but the problem is that this version was unwearable because I'd broken too many rules, as can be easily seen in its back, below. The back is just a disaster. You can read about my tribulations with this garment in my first entry with it here.

I woke up one morning with the idea of how to fix this dress in my head from start to finish. Without any delay, I jumped right into the project and after several days of churning it out, viola, it was finely wearable. Usually it takes longer for such an idea to come to me. I don't think it had even been a week since I'd given up on the first version and packed it away. I may lengthen the sleeves for winter with some leopard fabric I am eyeing.  But we'll see.

I started by cutting down the dress to a very small fragment which was sleeveless, below. By adding the new fabric down the four sides, I was creating the arm holes for the sleeves. I was back to starting again with my holes so I couldn't get lost this time.

I do have some philosophy to impart on this event. It takes a certain amount of time spent doing art projects to become a bit more philosophical when they start imploding on you. In the early years, most of us would simply rip it to pieces, throw it in the trash and rejoice the day it was carted away and out of our sight forever. But it is not like this happens to you only once. If you do art projects, chances are you have bombs from time to time. If we have learned anything during our decades of bombs, it is that at times we can turn them into successes. So we just hold onto the bombs and some days we get ideas for resurrecting them. Every once in awhile you get so fantastically lucky that you discover that the resurrected bomb is now everyone's favorite art work!  That doesn't happen a lot but it happens.  So I now have bombs secreted in various parts of the condo.  I know they are there and I trust that some morning I will wake up and have an idea for them. It's not a miracle when this happens.  It is just part and parcel of being an artist.

Thanks again to Jim who modeled the garment while I photographed it. I solved the dilemma of using his arms by using the dodging and softening tools in my image editing programs. This got rid of the hair on his arms and then softened and rounded them. His head would be more of a challenge to alter so I simply chopped it off. (God only knows what these Hollywood people really look like when utter amateurs can turn men into women in image editing programs!) 

And here's Jim's supermodel modeling mentor, Naomi Campbell, being her diva self as usual, perhaps getting ready to slug someone again. I think of her as a Felix on acid.

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