Sunday, May 11, 2014

Free Movies & TV Available Online

Late Breaking News: Those of us on Apple mobile devices have long been enjoying free streaming video on Amazon Instant video due to our Prime memberships. Now there is a way for those of you with android mobiles to access Amazon Instant Video, which is explained here.

Today's Entry: Are you spending a fortune on your entertainment? Would you like to take your movie/tv cost down either substantially or to zero? I've got a way and it is one that is growing by leaps and bounds.

I just spent awhile browsing through my Clevnet online movies and the selection was incredibly better from when I had looked a mere month ago. I am not a resident of Cleveland so thereby seemingly not eligible for using our best regional library, the Cleveland Public Library. But because it joined a consortium of libraries in northern Ohio, I became eligible because of member libraries of Summit County, where I am a resident. So you too may be eligible for a much better library system than you are currently using because you have not checked out library consortiums in your region. I also belong to other library systems but this is my default one because the selection is so extensive for all materials.

My friend and neighbor Rebecca was using the far less robust Summit County library until I told her that the sleepy little library in Peninsula, nestled in the national park adjacent to us, was a member of the Clevnet consortium.  Do not judge a library by its building!

I have already published a blog entry on the overdrive application for your laptop, desktop or mobile device here. So this entry will not focus on how to use that feature. If you are still having set up problems, go to your library and have a librarian help you set it up. Take in your laptop or mobile device with you for direct assistance on it. Once you are set up, the rest should be easy.

Okay, so now let's take a look as to what is actually there as movies/tv and how to find other movies/tv to watch. I will revisit this topic so we will just cover some aspects today so as not to overwhelm you.

The most important page is the opening page, above, of all of the library's newest items and I can spot winners right away. Solitary Man, for one, is a terrific movie starring Michael Douglas. I want to see the David Rakoff one, I Am Bad, so on my own screen I will press the bookmark underneath it to put it onto my Lists of items to rent. This opening page leads you into the rest of the new video collection. On the far right are the words View More. Click on that and you are taken to the complete new video collection.

We now have a series of filters, above, offered on the left. I choose subject by clicking the plus sign next to it. The subject box opens and inside of it, I select Thriller.

Above is the start of my 57 Thriller choices as movies or tv shows which are among New Videos. Note the word Thriller in the upper left column as the Applied Filter to my search.

Later, when I have left Thriller and am back in the New Streaming Video Collection, I also notice a picture of Inspector Morse. I explain what I do to find more Morse below this image.

We need to follow my arrows on the above image. On the top left, we start off on the new video page on Clevnet's opening Overdrive page. I notice that it now has the UK's Inspector Morse tv series. I click on one of them and the arrow takes me to the bottom left image. There I can go ahead and check out that Morse episode right away or I could instead (follow arrow pointing to right) click on Inspector Morse. I do the second choice and the clickable link to Inspector Morse brings up everything that Clevnet has available on Inspector Morse. There are many more video episodes as well as Morse ebooks and audiobooks. These Morse items are also for a price available on Amazon, iTunes and Netflix Streaming but now you have a free alternative.

As I find things which interest me, I press the little bookmark underneath each item. Those items are filed in Lists under my Account.  So I click on Account (on top of every page) and this is what I see, below.

Above is my account, the Lists section. By putting them in here I am doing a My List like I use in Netflix or Wishlist on Amazon Instant Video. When I check these out, I have 7 days to view them. I do not have to worry about its eating up space on my mobile device to watch as the item will stream.  Thus I do need a broadband internet connection in order to watch. With the ebooks and audiobooks I download so that I do not need a connection once I have them on my device.

The next time I revisit this topic we will discover how to find the entire video collection at Clevnet. I noticed Clevnet has a substantial help section for its digital materials. You may want to see if your library has the same, see below.

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