Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Art: Working with What You've Got

There are lots of books on making art journals, which have become quite the thing in the art world. Every time I think about it, I groan at the thought of getting all the supplies out for it.  So then I thought, I don't need any supplies!  What I did was take screen captures of about ten pages of blog entries.  Then I put those pages into Picasa and made them into a collage. This is what the journal does, take pieces of the artist's life and combine them onto a single journal page.  This is my journal page above.

This was step one, collecting the image captures from each blog entry page.  They all downloaded to my desktop, ready to be used.

This was step two.  I opened Picasa and found all of those images on my desktop. I selected them and pressed the collage button.

This was step three.  All of those pages were now in the collage maker so I needed to move them around, discard ones which weren't working, enlarge some images while shrinking others.  After 20-30 minutes I had the image at the top of the page.

The standard advice all artists get is to get used to working with what you've got and not to wait around for ideal circumstances to present themselves.  They will never appear and you will never get any art work done. You see this with artists who think they need studio space to create, or the very best supplies money can buy, or a degree from a fine arts university. You don't need any of these things.  Art can be created out of virtually anything.  A very big movement right now is in upcycling.  This is artists making new art out of old anything.  If you go over to the artsy website, Etsy, and enter that word into the search engine, you will see a remarkable array of art objects.

I entered the words upcycled jewelry into the etsy search box and these are some of the results which were shown to me.  This jewelry was made from pop tabs, a rusted washer, discarded computer parts, a comic book, a vinyl record, newspaper, discarded clock parts, and circuit board parts.

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  1. This is a great idea, Carol. I love looking at art journal pages - but I never get around to them either... And this method is also wonderful for creating vision boards!! Woot!