Friday, February 7, 2014

Senior Beauty, Should You React or Adapt?

Did you ever dress like this?  I did.  But it was a long time ago when I was young. I remember having long hair like this that I simply washed and wore, just like these models are doing.  It looked great. I adored the unusual shoe and all of these different skirt lengths were a delight. There is an age in life when one can wear anything and get away with it.

There was a certain amount of makeup we all wore from the 1960s onward and it always involved a lot of eye makeup, blusher, circle remover, pale lipstick (which exited with the sixties). We donned the makeup look to the right as our uniform for the face.  The question is, are you still doing this every day and if you are is it aging you rather than enhancing you?

When you look at grey hair ads, isn't it amazing that the grey hair is shown on young models and not models our age? What was done here was an involved procedure to strip all the color out of her hair.  Then it was dyed a pale silver ash color. Then it was given either a temporary or permanent dye for the magenta strip.  This procedure takes up most of the day.  Real people who "go grey" wake up that way but not looking like this. About the only thing they got right here for an older person is that grey hair works best in a short style.  Few of us seniors can afford a style which takes one eye out of circulation, however.

The generation before us got plastic surgery, usually the too tight face lifts which rarely were satisfactory. But surgical lift procedures were basically all that was available through the cosmetic medical practice.  That ended with our generation when the cosmetic medical practice augmented to include botox injections (derived from the poison) into the problem areas as well as artificial implants to be surgically inserted in cheeks and other areas. Above right are some of the more famous results. They do not look like the model in the ad. Such a young person naturally looks that way without botox.

Keep getting all of this medical cosmetic work done and a person can end up looking like Sylvester Stallone's mother, Jackie. She is shown here as a younger woman to the left and to the right in 2014 after her son paid for having all this cosmetic medical work done on her for decades. You can tell that Madonna, Nicole, Melanie and Jackie all reacted to their aging faces by doing the most radical things. 

The most common thing I hear women say as they are aging is that it isn't fair.  They are doing everything possible to still look good but nothing is the same as it was no matter how hard they work at it or how much money they spend in the beauty business. Their bodies betray them at every turn and no matter what they do, it is impossible for them to compete with the up and coming younger woman. The woman's face, above right, is displaying all the natural and normal signs of aging which were built into our design from our very beginning.

So what is going on is actually the fairest, most natural thing in the world. An aging woman should look at everything in nature.  It mirrors what is going on with her. Walk in the park and study the occasional tree stump. It shows the same aging face to the world that we do. Those rings for the years are our wrinkles.

Our primal drives are survival and sexual. The human race would die without those drives. In order to keep the human race going, the female body was designed to look its very best when it was in the years it was best able to conceive and carry children. Nature had no intention of squandering the sex drive on those who would have difficulty procreating. It gave the best physical assets to the young female from puberty and throughout her twenties.

Jim's sister was a public health nurse in California and she worked in both geriatrics and maternity care. For years we would hear her say, almost like her mantra, "Even the thirties are positively geriatric for having babies!" She would constantly marvel how easy and natural it was for women in their late teens to twenties to conceive, carry and mother babies and how much more medical intervention was needed once they passed the thirty year mark.

Evolution works very slowly.  We have been living longer for only a blip of time in evolutionary terms and it only happened because of high tech medical interventions. It could be that same highly technological society which drastically shortens our lives in the years ahead if we have tampered too much with things like the climate, emissions, nuclear power plants and the like.  We could go back to having a 35 year life expectancy or less in that same blip of time.

So, yes, it is fair what is happening to us. Not only fair but we were designed to age and die to make way for the new lives we had brought forth. They were our replacements.

Katherine Hepburn was the most brutally frank movie star about aging. She didn't like it any more than the rest of us did but as she moved into it, the adaptations she made were practical, not surgical. One of the first things she did was announce that she had reached an age where she was going to wear pants and flat shoes and would be seen in nothing else. Thereafter, we saw her in pants and flat shoes and she looked fine.  She also kept acting. And in studying her pictures, above right, she looked normal and fine in youth, middle age and old age. There is no comparison when her pictures are measured beside Madonna's, Nicole's, Melanie's and Jackie's in how best to react to the aging process. Hepburn didn't fight it, she adapted to it.  Adaptation to change is, after all, the only way to survive according to no less than Charles Darwin in his Origin of the Species.

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