Friday, January 17, 2014

Seniors, Use Faxes to Prod Your Doctors and Lawyers

Your doctor and lawyer would rather have you use the phone because it is almost impossible to prove phone calls if there is a later misunderstanding.  Writings, by contrast, make any professional worried about malpractice claims, nervous.

Your doctor or lawyer is listed online.  Look up that listing.  There will be a fax line in addition to the phone number.  Write a letter to your professional about what you are trying to achieve and why it isn’t happening. Go to a free fax site, insert your letter into the fax and send it.

Here is an example of such a letter:

“Doctor Smith, In setting up my appointment today, your  receptionist told me that I am only allowed to discuss one orthopedic problem at that appointment because of the way each claim is processed by the insurers. There is a separate consideration.  When my foot was looked at in urgent care, I was advised that the injury to my tendon was caused by the prior injury to my lower back.  This would seem to be a vital part of my medical history and thus we must discuss both at any appointment about either my foot or my back.”

This above situation happened to me. When I showed up for the appointment, the doctor took a very complete history as to everything else which might have affected my foot medically plus apologized to me for his “receptionist’s mistake.”

The fax service I used for this was fax zero and it does a very nice job. You have to follow up by clicking on a link it sends to your email. This fax method works so well that it is now my default procedure for handling professionals, even if they do allow email. The beauty of a fax is that the whole office can see it arrive and thus it is just about impossible to ignore.

Recently my doctor replied to me using the interactive chart account of the hospital's which sent me an email telling me to go to that account.  I think the future will be using those interactive hospital wide medical chart accounts for everything.  I use two of them already.  But we are a few years off from those working for all of our medical needs.

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