Sunday, January 19, 2014

Retinal Scarring and Its Surgery - the Hidden Senior Eye Problem

This is part II of my eye story. The digital pictures I had taken at the Cleveland Clinic's new state of the art Eye Center also showed retinal scarring in my right eye. The above picture is an example of retinal scarring imagery taken by the high tech machines. Your only option is retinal surgery when this is discovered. The downside to the surgery is that it will encourage the growth of cataracts in that eye.  I was already facing cataract surgery so this was not much of a negative.  Plus I was now designated legally blind in my right eye. I asked if I had done anything to cause this and the answer was no, that it just happened to some people.

I had never had eye surgery before so I was quite nervous about it. I knew that for part of it I would be awake and having someone cutting in my eye while I was awake was not something I considered very calmly. Well, it turns out that wasn't a problem.  You wake up, the surgery is well underway and you can feel nothing and see nothing other than some kind of dark webbing in front of a light. I have no idea what that was but it didn't scare me. Not long after, I was wheeled to recovery and within a short while after that we were on our way to breakfast at a place I'd pinpointed with my Yelp app on my iPad which was right around the corner.

Recovery is up to 18 months after this surgery.  These pictures continue to be taken during that time at the center and it is amazing to see the improvement unfold.  It is very slow but steady. I will have to get the cataract surgery as soon as my eye has finished its recovery.

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