Friday, January 17, 2014

Seniors, Stop Solicitors In Their Tracks!

My neighbors hide out when they see solicitors show up at their front doors in our condo development. This only encourages them to come back. The solicitors have a constitutional right under the first amendment to solicit  people, with political speech and religious speech being the most protected kind. Unfortunately, you likely regard religion and politics as the two least likely things you would like to talk about to strangers (or anyone else).

You also have a first amendment constitutional right to end their speech.  You can either open your front door and say, “no, i am not interested,” and shut your door.  They are trained to leave as to stay is to invite criminal trespassing charges. Better yet, you can write a sign to post outside your door which will stop them cold right there.  They have no choice but to leave as you are announcing you don’t want to hear their message—this is your right.

I bought one of those dry eraser boards at a craft store and wrote my message on in the felt tipped pen which came with it.  This message, once posted, got rid of every single solicitor who had been coming to my door.  I’ve experienced utter peace and quiet since the day I posted it. The message sits propped next to my front door.  I was prepared to nail it to my front door but that never proved necessary.

The reason it does not state just a simple NO SOLICITING! is that some of these people want to argue with you as to whether they should be considered in this class.  Specifically, those with religious and political messages feel that term does not apply to them.  So I go the extra mile and DEFINE the word to include them in my message.

Here is the message which worked:

No Commercial Soliciting
No Religious Soliciting
No Political Soliciting

ANY SOLICITOR who comes further will be considered a CRIMINAL TRESPASSER and the POLICE will be summoned.

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