Saturday, January 18, 2014

Handicapped Access in our Housing as Seniors Need More Help

More and more seniors are experiencing temporary or permanent disability states which may impact on their ability to use their homes and the amenities which are coupled with their homes.  I have osteoarthritis, colon cancer, unipolar depression plus hearing and vision loss.  In 2014 I will need to get both of my knees replaced.  I am having more and more trouble gaining access to the pool in our condo's clubhouse as a result because of all the stairs involved. Having lost a lot of my colon in my cancer resection, I also need to get to a bathroom quickly when the need arises. I tried to resolve this with management and our board but, in general, they seem unaware of the fair housing provisions pertaining to handicap. As my access problems continued, I finally filed an online complaint with HUD.  HUD has passed it on to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and the situation should be investigated shortly.

Handicap discrimination is now the number one use of the fair housing laws legally, ahead of race, religion, sex, ethnicity and family status. Apparently many people are unaware this law has enlarged. Thus,when I talk about my case to someone, he or she becomes confused, wondering why a white woman is using a law passed to protect people of non-white races. Well, the bases of the fair housing laws have been substantially amended with handicap being a huge addition. If it were 1968, they would be correct about my not being eligible but not in 2014. So if you are having problems using your housing due to your becoming disabled in part or whole, you are also entitled to use these laws.

I will be updating readers periodically on how my case is progressing.  If you would like to increase your own knowledge in this area, use the below links.

HUD Information for Disabled Persons

Filing Your Housing Discrimination Complaint Online

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