Friday, January 17, 2014

Seniors, Beware of that Grapefruit!

I’ve been eating vegan many times a week.  It is plant only based nutrition.  In general, it is good for your health as is the Mediterranean diet.  However, maybe we need to pay a bit more attention to foods which can outright kill us in the here and now instead of those which harm us over years of eating. On that note, enter the humble grapefruit which can indeed be quite dangerous.

My drug, buspar, has a warning label on it about not to take grapefruit along with that drug.  I thought to myself, oh these drug labels are just full of every warning imaginable.  Hence, I mixed grapefruit with my orange juice and by that evening had a big red swollen face. I was lucky.  That was a mild reaction and the journals are filled with much more serious reactions.

I henceforth avoided grapefruit like the proverbial plague.  However, recently Jim and I went out to breakfast and when we sipped the fresh squeezed orange juice we discovered that they had "tossed in" some grapefruit juice. This was a restaurant filled with seniors, all presumably on many of these 85 highly popular contraindicated medications. I spoke to the manager about the problem and then filled out a suggestion form for the restaurant.  The restaurant, of course, would have been liable for tossing that grapefruit into people's orange juice if their Rxes had then staged an adverse reaction within their bodies.

It turns out the internet is filled with information about this, that grapefruit adversely interacts with at least 85 popular drugs. Below is a link to FDA on this problem. Of particular alarm is that roughly six new drugs a year are coming onto the market with this same grapefruit problem.

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