Sunday, January 19, 2014

Senior Eye Exams, New state-of-the-art Eye Centers are the Bomb!

My tale of eye woe is as strange as if I had been receiving treatment aboard a UFO.  If you doubt me, and I certainly would in your place, try this on for size: My main problem turned out to be the cortisone injections I was taking for my knees for my osteoarthritis!

For a number of years I had been getting these injections directly into my knees every three months to make it easier for me to walk despite my loss of cartilage in my knees. You can postpone knee replacement surgery indefinitely by getting these injections.

So when I showed up for my eye exam (because I needed to renew my driver's license), I was amazed to discover I couldn't get anywhere with the eye chart. With my left eye I could see the E and the F and P.  With my right eye, nothing. When I asked my doctor if I was going blind, he looked away from me.  Ok, I will admit it, I went nuts. Yup, total hysteria.  Jim was called in to help calm me down. The doctor flew out of the room while Jim calmed me down (or tried) and then came back to tell us we had an appointment at 8am the next morning at the new state of the art eye center of the Cleveland Clinic.

I can show rather than tell what happened at that eye center.  It was so state of the art that I spent hours involved in pictures being taken by the machines there of my eye.  This picture to the left, as well as the one below, is an example of the kind of imagery which is shown to the patient at the conclusion of all the testing. These pictures give a very precise idea of what is going on in the eye. That's when I discovered my primary problem was my cortisone injections. I had to stop them, of course, and over several months my eyes returned to normal. Another problem was discovered in my right eye, retinal scarring, which would involve surgery, but I will discuss that in a separate post.

I've told my tale to a lot of seniors, many of them also getting the cortisone injections.  Not a one of them realized there was a risk of affecting their vision by getting the shots.

These neon, digital images of your eye are your future as there were many other seniors, with all different problems, at the eye center that day getting the pictures taken as well.  If you have one of these new state of the art eye centers in your area, you do want to go there for your eye problems. I had no problem using Medicare there.

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